May 30, 2017
Designer Hangout Newsletter
"Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual." --Edward Tufte

Happy Tuesday and welcome to all of our new members!

Thanks to our community partners for their continued support of Designer Hangout. Thank you NomNom, Loop11, Validately, InVision, Adobe, Balsamiq, O'Reilly, and Fluid UI.

See you on Slack, and have a great rest of the week!
Community Announcements
1. Many of you have requested a page on our site with a list of "Essentials" for every designer. Together, let's curate a list of essential apps, books, websites, people to follow, and podcasts (inspired by Stephen Gates' Essentials List). Please complete the brief survey, and help curate the essentials for our website.
2. #Best-of channel: If you find something awesome in the community, react with the :news: emoji and it will automatically be sent to the #best-of channel.
3. 86% off .design domains. Use our community discount, and grab a .design domain for $5 bucks (these are usually $35+)
4. Love checking Designer News? So do we. That's why we've created the Designer News channel so you can check the latest posts from inside the channel.
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1. Usonia 1: This was a word he used to refer to an idealized vision of the United States at its democratic zenith. Usonia, Wright imagined, would be a nation of modest but comfortable, well-made and beautiful homes for the working- and middle-classes.
2. Master communicator, Stephen Gates, on why creativity done properly is blue collar work
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