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Happy Tuesday and welcome to all of our new members!

Apple has announced a new Mac Pro with Touch Bar and many are concerned about the performance issues and if Apple understands their users. Time will tell if the Touch Bar was a good bet for them, especially when the Pros still can't handle VR and 3D graphics that well. In other news, Microsoft announced the Surface Studio which looks really damn cool.

Join our goodreads book group. Thank you Darla for making this!

Thank you Louis Elfman for joining us for a live AMA last week, and thank you Mihir and Naema for hosting! Thank you Dorian for live tweeting and putting together an awesome recap.

Each partner has their own dedicated channel in the community where you can read their latest content, and reach out to anyone on the team with any questions or ideas. See you there! If you have suggestions for more community partners, respond to this email or ping me.

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Have a great week!

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